Visit to The Edinburgh Academy Senior School

By Ms. Kwan Oi Chu Jenny, Mr. Yau Chung Wan Joshua and Mr. Yan Daren,
Tsung Tsin Christian Academy

Compared to other paired-up schools in this trip, there have already been good contacts and visits between the partner schools.  Moreover, a delegation from EA paid a visit to our school one month before, and spent a whole day there as the last stop of their Chinese culture field trip.  So we had already enjoyed a very good relationship at both the management-level as well as the student-level.

School Visit

It was a chilly morning, however we were very warmly welcomed by the Senior Deputy Rector Ms. Deborah and the Deputy Rector (Learning & Teaching) Ms. Claire. A briefing section was given, which was about the school structure and curriculum of the Academy. After refreshments, we split up into three groups, led by student ambassadors and teachers, for class visit. We visited six different classrooms, Arts, Math, English Literature, History, Home Economy and of course Mandarin. We visited EA’s Chinese home room, and interviewed their Chinese teacher Mrs. Fortune. Through her we got more information about both the strengths and challenges of Mandarin teaching in EA. We also exchanged ideas on the teaching of Mandarin as a second language.

After a healthy & delicious school lunch in a huge canteen, we set out for some site seeing at their sports centre. We spent some time in the Nursing & Junior Section of EA as well.

Feedback of Visit

Edinburgh Academy aims not only to help students follow their preferred educational path, but also to provide individual, personalised teaching. They are providing the flexibility to study for Highers and A-Levels. They also keep their classes small to allow teachers to identify and nurture the strengths of individuals.

There is one thing students and teachers mentioned several times during our visiting, which impressed us a lot, which is the three dimensions of a GOOD student: language + math +wellbeing. Especially, the concept of student well being, is relatively new for Hong Kong Schools. But there in Edinburgh Academy they are doing a very good job. Through a rounded education, EA students enhance their social, emotional and spiritual capacities, fitting them for citizenship in a challenging and changing world.

Another remarkable feature to us was the e-learning environment in Edinburgh Academy. Every student in Academy gets their own iPad, which can be used in class for searching, presentation and note-taking as well. Teachers use iPads and Apple TV to interact with students. There was a good example, in one history class where the topic was WWII, and the homework of previous lesson was making a “mini documentary” using their family history in regard to the war time. During that lesson, students were using iPads and connecting to the classroom Apple TV to show their works on a white board. Students were very devoted to those presentations. It was definitely a good move from Teacher-centered to Student-centered.

Further Actions:

Teaching & Learning Level

– A videoconference occurred on 3rd June  focused on cross-culture   studies. Students and teachers from both schools prepared before-hard and exchanged a lot of their suggestions on the specific topic that day. Videoconferencing will occur regularly in the future.

– A study trip program for students will be carried out in 2017.

School Management Level

Regular information exchange on the topic of school-improvement.