Views of our Hong Kong Coordinator (Lancy Tam)


Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!

When Archie first mentioned to me a year ago about organizing a network or even a trip to Scotland, I didn’t have a clue of what it would be like. But who needed to bother when you knew you’re working with such a very respectable and prestigious educator!

As time went, the planning seemed more and more real. I remember the minute I walked out from the Edinburgh airport, I just could not help smiling, “Archie, you made it! “

The scenery and architecture came as the first surprise! The city of Edinburgh was so pretty that I immediately was immersed with all the story elements. I just wanted to gallop up the slope to the castle and write up a poem or two.

The Sunday reception in Judith’s house was another surprise. I was amazed at the number of people in Scotland who were so keen at promoting Chinese culture and networking with Asians. I started to feel very ‘small’ and ashamed of myself as I just wasn’t so keen in Chinese culture myself that much as my counterparts in Edinburgh!

The week that followed was full of amazing moments. The high quality exchanges with the Principals and educators there made me realize more and more the significance of a professional learning community. When I was back to my school after the trip, I just made that as one of our Priorities in our school plan 2016-17!

We went to various schools to visit during the stay and every school had their niche and story to tell. One thing in common was that they all had a strong Head teacher with a passionate crew. No matter we met them in formal school meetings or during informal dinners and meal occasions, they were all so eager to know the ways to better and improve their schools! They all looked ‘fearless’ too! In this generation, a leader really has to be ‘fearless’ and embrace challenges. I recall a quotation which says,

‘Think of all the discipline, determination, focus, ceaseless practice, coordination and talent needed in this. This is what makes education exciting and rewarding.’

I could easily find all of them in the Scottish schools I have been and that’s why the schools have been so dynamic and achieving excellence!

This trip absolutely was one of the pioneer trips we made in networking the two places: Edinburgh and Hong Kong. We hope we could excel education in both cities by sharing all our good and ‘unsuccessful’ experiences! We were all determined to sustain the network and committed to bringing our students and teachers to learning alive in the global world!

With such a heavy statement, let me finish my reflection with a light hearted poem that I wrote on the returning flight:

Haggis, shortbread, whisky filled the Rooms in the City

Kilts and tartan mystified the delegates with Harry Potter stories

Showered by sunlight, dotted by snow; Chilled by winds, lazy and cool

School Representatives from Hong Kong went from school to school

In Edinburgh looking for ways of learning to improve

Perplexed by the enthusiasm and passion the Scottish partners made their moves!

Slainte! Slainte! Slainte!

Make a difference- WE DARE!