The following is the collection of comments given by different participants in the debriefing session on 9 May 2017.

1. Describe, for you, ONE ‘professional’ highlight of the visit.

  • Use of ICT in Mathematics lessons
  • Share vision of educational priority
  • Educational exchange by joining the staff meeting in the partner school
  • Professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity among colleagues
  • Opportunities of learning from each other and further cooperation
  • Positive learning environment e.g. visualize learning around the school
  • Feel a strong sense of community
  • Dialogue with students (for them to improve their interpersonal skills)
  • Proactive in communicating with visitors (reciprocal visits are important)
  • Greater understanding of the curriculum and learning ethos in Hong Kong
  • People-centered learning (Fun and relaxing)
  • Refine the understanding of education in Hong Kong (Not only about brilliant results in Mathematics)
  • The positive impact of IB

2. Describe, for you, ONE ‘cultural’ highlight of the visit.

  • Constructive discourse about the curriculum
  • Shared values (e.g. inclusive education)
  • Staff room (no common rooms for teachers in Hong Kong)
  • The importance of language diversity
  • Green education (e.g. eating habits)
  • Extra intervention classes for catering learners’ diversity
  • Mastery of multiple languages
  • Chinese music performances (Authentic and welcoming ones!)
  • Curious and devoted teachers and leaders
  • Time for sleeping at school
  • Use of microphones as a teaching strategy

3. Is there any ONE aspect which you would consider importing to Scotland from Hong Kong?

  • The requirement of students learning more than one language
  • Culture of capturing achievement to nurture success
  • The greater potential for learning supported by technology
  • Chinese orchestra or Chinese dance
  • Positive environment and ethos
  • The use of the learning objective—more focused on the application of the learning
  • Vice principal to convey messages about school values and messages
  • I really think schools have more in common than anything. I think there are opportunities for sharing best practices that are rooted in expectation of parents, pupils and education policies
  • Displays around school
  • Further develop of language across curriculum
  • Data management
  • Student-centered approach
  • Types of schools
  • Campus TV

4. Is there any ONE aspect which you would consider exporting to Hong Kong from Scotland?

  • Collaboration between subjects in secondary schools e.g. mathematics department can share resources and good practices with others
  • Professional learning communities
  • Greater focus on self-evaluation
  • More support for guidance
  • Pedagogical approach—pupil’s feedback/ formative assessment/ differentiation
  • Focus and emphasis on questioning strategies to ensure that whole class is given opportunities to contribute
  • Cater for diversity—nurture group/ pull out group
  • No homework policy but more family time instead
  • ICT

5. Sum up in a paragraph the ‘essence’ of the exchange visit to you – sums it up for you and the impact.

  • Hong Kong and Scotland are very similar in principles, vision and practice, and has really opened up my eyes as to what occurs in a Hong Kong classroom, and that it is the opposite to what I thought I was going to observe.
  • The similarities between schools in both countries in terms of the foci and strategies to increase attainment
  • Promotion and communication of values
  • To help me see how much we have in common.
  • Strengthening relationships to improve our schools internationally and locally
  • Genuine opportunities to make long-term improvements
  • Exchange of people and ideas always works better in person.
  • Get a better understanding of how to improve teaching by exchanging with others
  • Though-provoking
  • Our students would experience the cultural differences and expand their horizons
  • One has to love teaching if you are a teacher.. You have to trust and respect your co-workers and students.
  • Professional development is the most important
  • Potential for global links for our pupils with peers. Minimal language barrier but huge cultural potential
  • lots of enthusiastic education leaders share their views of education ->help to enhance teaching and learning
  • Great to see how similar schools are between Hong Kong and Scotland.
  • Similar school priorities + learning + teaching methods. Both interested in developing the whole child
  • Camaraderie

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