Principal Lancy’s farewell and welcome Principal Dion

Principal Lancy – an unstinting champion of HKSSIP!

Lancy has led the Hong Kong schools with great success since the beginning of our Partnership, and she has given us a strong foundation on which to build for the challenging years ahead. I have know Lancy for some fifteen years or so when she took part in my EDB-sponsored series on ‘School Self-evaluation’. She was a Depute Principal then, and I was so happy to meet her again when she became Principal of Law Ting Pong Secondary School. She has been instrumental in taking the Tai P0 school to new heights, including becoming a leading member of Hong Kong Schools Self-evaluation Network (HKSSEN) which I directed from 2004-2015. It was a privilege to work with the Law Ting Pong school community on many aspects of learning and teaching. Lancy has been at the forefront of our Hong Kong and Scotland Exchanges over the past three years, and set such a good example by allowing HKSSIP to use a LTPSS inspired website.

The big thing is that Lancy just generates enthusiasm, she is such an ‘energised’ leader. I am pleased that Lancy will be around to offer advice to HKSSIP (and, to me!). We wish her well in the new ventures ahead..



It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have been partnered with Lancy and Law Ting Pong in recent years. Having the opportunity to visit Hong Kong and visit Lancy and her school has broadened our horizons and challenged our thinking. Lancy’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and you feel it the moment you step into her school. Her attention to detail, broad, learned perspective and eagerness to learn with others are all hallmarks of her leadership. It is clear that she is highly respected by all students and staff and little wonder that Law Ting Pong is such a dynamic and successful learning community. On behalf of the James Gillespie’s High School Community and Scottish Partner Schools, I wish Lancy every success, good health and happiness in her future endeavours.



Welcome to Dion Chen as our new HK Co-ordinatior

I first met Dion when I undertook a review of Christian College many years ago, and was not surprised when he rose through the ranks to succeed Nick Miller as Principal. It is so pleasing to write about the ongoing success of Christian College under Dion’s leadership. We hope that the school will continue to be a member of HKSSIP will welcoming Dion’s ‘new’ school, YWC. I understand that the founder, Robert Morrison, was the son of a Scottish farm labourer but was born near Morpeth, Northumberland. It is very close to where I live in Ponteland.

Dion received his education in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom (Newcastle, Howay the Lads!) and started his career in education in 2002. He is now serving at the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College as a Principal. He is passionate about nurturing young people and developing their talents, as well as fostering the pursuit of the emotional and academic well-being of the whole person, excellence, community service and responsibility. He believes that broaden student’s horizon is one of his responsibilities, so that the HKSSIP is a great platform to connect and engage students from two places and to experience dynamic culture as well as exploring the history.