Link between Edinburgh Academy and Tsung Tsin Christian Academy

As part of the Hong Kong-Scotland partner exchange, the Edinburgh Academy (EA) and its partner Tsung Tsin Christian Academy (TTCA) agreed to initiate an eTwinning dialogue between the two schools. The scene had been set with a recent visit by some Edinburgh Academy students to TTCA as part of their recent China trip (April 2016).

The topics were agreed when the Head Teachers from Hong Kong visited Scotland as part of the Hong Kong Scotland Schools Improvement Partnership (HKSSIP) in April of this year. As preparation for the first e-Twinning activity, Edinburgh Academy students conducted research on the Chinese ‘Moon Festival’, while TTCA students prepared by doing research on ‘Burns Night’.

Daren Yan of TTCA and Yuwen Fortune set to work, agreeing on a suitable date and an appropriate method of eTwinning, preparing their respective students and sorting out the technical issues. On Friday 3rd June, four students from TTCA and 13 students from Edinburgh Academy came together in the virtual classroom.

After warm greetings from both sides, the video conference got under way. Edinburgh Academy’s 4ths (S3) started with a presentation on the Moon Festival in Chinese, then read two poems on the topic in Chinese. They concluded with a presentation in English about their research on the ‘Moon Festival’.

The TTCA students presented their research on Burns night and recited some poetry by Robert Burns in English.

After the presentations, students from both schools asked one another a range of questions on their respective topics. The Academy students can be proud of their efforts at asking questions in Chinese…very impressive!

Before closing farewells, a student from the EA performed a rap in English, with the TTCA students responding with a group rendition of a song in Chinese.
The event was an unqualified success and was a fantastic experience for all involved, with lots of laughter on both sides. All involved agreed that they would like to do something similar in the future and agreed that it would be even better if something similar could be done face-to-face rather than virtually.  Let us hope that this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership ahead.

Yuwen Fortune

June 2016