HKSSIP: Meeting of HK partners on 18 October, 2016 in Tsung Tsin Christian Academy (1700 to 18.45 hours)

Present: all partners present including Principal Lourdes representing her new school, Yaumati Catholic Primary School, and chaired by Archie 


  1. The note of the meeting of Scottish partners on 20 June was the focus of the first part of the agenda:
  • Confirmed that the date of the Scottish Heads/teachers to HK with add-on to Shanghai to begin with arrival on Sunday 7 May; five working days in HK; fly to Shanghai on Saturday (early morning flight recommended as often delays) 13 May (also option of staying in HK on 13th and flying to Shanghai on 14th) and, Scottish partners to decide the duration of stay in Shanghai, e.g. two working days and fly back (from Shanghai to Edinburgh) on Wednesday 17 May or three working days and fly back on Thursday 18 May. Action Scottish Partners
  • Assumed that the Swire South Edinburgh partnership schools would wish to establish a one-to-one link with Shanghai schools Action GWC JGHS BHS; assumed that EA, RHS, and Loretto CPS would wish to visit Shanghai but not necessarily to establish an ongoing link Action EA RHS and LCPS. HK partner schools to look at possibility of accompanying Scottish partners to Shanghai Action HK partners Archie, Principals Siu Ming and Tam to meet with Dr Ng on 19 October to seek his advice on possible partner schools in Shanghai. Principal Ivan and HT David already agreed that Ivan’s Shanghai partner would be suitable partner for BHS. Action Siu Ming
  • Assumed that Lisa based at GWC would arrange flights and hotels Action Lisa and Scottish partners. Archie to ask Joshua Yau re discounted rates for City View Hotel, Yaumati and forward to Lisa to consider when making the hotel bookings (Yaumati regarded as very central location on Kowloon side) Action Archie with Joshua
  • Assumed that Scottish group size would be fairly similar to the HK group visit to Scotland, say around 15-20? Action Scottish Partners
  • Assumed that HK programme would be fairly similar in style to the Edinburgh programme, that is: first evening reception (if flight times allow); day one gathering/meeting/workshop in HK school to bring together the partners, and exchange with HK students; day two in partner school; day three meetings with one or two key organisations (e.g. QA and/or Curr Dev of EDB or DSS Council or compare approaches to School evaluation or ?); day four cultural cum educational visits; day five partner school morning, and debriefing/action points afternoon followed by Chinese banquet Action Principal Siu Ming to be Overall Coordinator and take the lead in drafting programme working with HKSSIP Coordinator (Lancy) before presenting draft programme for discussion with  HKSSIP Hong Kong partners and Archie – then draft to HKSSIP Scottish partners/Judith (Siu Ming would welcome ideas/requests from Scotland while drafting the programme Action Scottish Partners

Exchange visit of Scottish students to Hong Kong, October 2017

  • Noted need to check holiday dates in HK and Scotland, possibly second or third week most likely Action would Scottish partners suggest date to Lancy who would then check to see OK for HK school ‘breaks’.
  • Assumed that the group size to be around 24-30 pupils with 2-4 teachers Action Scottish partners
  • Assume arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Saturday. Aim would be to try and arrange home stays wherever possible as first choice with YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel as standby Action HK partners. It was felt that the Scottish pupils offering home stay during the Youth Summit might be given priority by Scottish schools when selecting students for the visit Action Scottish partners
    • Assumed that programme would be along following lines: reception get together on Sunday; days one and two follow timetable in partner school; day three cultural cum education visits; day four workshops on sharing with Hong Kong students, including presentations on, for example, cultural  aspects  and global citizenship; day five partner school morning, cultural visit/ cum sharing week’s experience afternoon and Chinese banquet ,day six fly home Action programme to be prepared by HKSSIP HK partners, overall visit coordinator to be appointed by HK partners

Exchange visit of Hong Kong students to Scotland

  • Proposed date was June 2017 but this has been deemed unsuitable given examinations timetable in HK.  May suggested as possible date (on reflection post-meeting Archie wonders if the visit might be planned post-Scottish students’  HK visit for two reasons: a.already would have enjoyed HK students’ visit for Youth Summit in Nov/Dec 2016 and b. Visit might be planned to tie in with SCEN Youth Summit of 2017.  Action  Archie with HK partners


  1. SCEN Fifth Annual Youth Summit 2 December Edinburgh International Conference Centre
  • Delighted to hear that home stays will be available for students and two teachers. Wonderful achievement. Group. Size 15 students, 8 boys and 7 girls, one female and one male teacher with one to be appointed in overall charge. Roll call as follows:

YY No1 one boy 2 girls; Creative 2 girls; KYWai 3 boys; LTPSS 2 boys 2 girls; and TTCA 2 boys 1 girl.  Male teacher from LTPSS and female teacher from KYWai

  • Partners to link directly to establish procedures, e.g.forward names and details of students (and Teachers) , agree home stays, complete registration forms where necessary (noted that GWC has already sent its form). Noted that LTPSS students would be sensibly split between home stays offered by JGHS and EA, and the two teachers would be offered home stay by GWC.  Lisa of GWC to be the contact person Action all HKSSIP partners working in harmony
  • HKSSIP HK partners to prepare leaflet with outlines of the proposed visit, photos and two or three lines about each student and the two teachers, and to be used as publicity for HKSSIP – the leaflet would draw on our excellent one prepared for the leaders’ visit in April 2016. Action all HK HKSSIP partners working with Eveline, and Archie re approval of final ‘products’
  • Briefing session to be arranged in HK for students and their parents in advance of the visit Action HKSSIP HK partners
  • Principal Lancy kindly agreed that her PS Eveline ( a great supporter of our work) would get the quotations for flights, and also liaise over publicity material (e.g.good to have a banner for the Youth Summit) including the Scotland HK badges, presents for host families, and one for the SCEN Anniversary, and the sharing of the costs of the teachers’ expenses across the five schools. Action Lancy and Eveline
  • Programme for the week (draft outline): Monday; a coming together in one school and joint sharing Scotland and Hong Kong students; Tuesday following school timetable: Wednesday cultural cum educational visits for whole group; Thursday following school timetable; and Friday SCEN Youth Summit, followed by Chinese Banquet; Saturday fly home. Action Judith and Archie and Scotland partners
  • HKSSIP students will be allocated a 15 minute slot at the Summit for a presentation ( please note that is the total time allocation for HKSSIP) should have a HK China theme, can be humorous, can be a dance routine, can be presented in a combination of Cantonese, Putonghua, and English. Student might prefer to wear some aspect of Chinese dress….? Need to have preparation before flying to Edinburgh Action HK partners,  organised by the two travelling teachers?) Also distribute the HKSSIP publicity material at the Summit
  • Each student to complete ‘an experience’ of the Scottish visit which we will post on our web site. Here are suggestions for the questions for them:

What one thing, one aspect, that stood out for me on  the visit ( that is the thing will always treasure/remember?)

What did I enjoy most about the visit?

What surprised me about Edinburgh?

What aspect of school life in Edinburgh would I like to take to Hong Kong?

WHAT ASPECT of school life in Hong Kong might be transferable to Scotland

My own impression, my own view

Action students and their Principals

  • Our students will have an opportunity to link up with Nigel Fong’s group of 34 students coming from 5 HK schools.  They will be based in Glenalmond School (an independent boarding school) in Perthshire, and they will also take part in the Summit.  Nigel is a successful HK business man who was educated at Morrison’s Academy in Crieff and he has a strong feeling for Scotland. He set up a HK Scotland connection some years ago and supports exchanges between Hong kong and Scotland. Action Archie and Judith


  1. HK Sponsorship
  • Archie asked the HK partners to consider how best to bet financial support or HKSSIP work (e.g. forthcoming visits ) given our pledge to support and foster the Chinese language and culture across the two ‘countries’. Sponsoring bodies, usually quite rich and influential could be a starting point,also companies with a Scottish connection (e g Jardine Matheson?). Action HK Principals


  1. Archie thanked Jenny for hosting us once again, and providing succulent cakes and goodies to sustain us during the meeting. Archie managed to present a gift from the village of his birth to Jenny and Lancy ( thanking her for all her super work in HKSSIP), and the meeting finished with a lucky draw of a tea towel of Northumberland which underlined Archie’s new connections on both sides of the ‘Border’.   Ivan took some photos which he may post on the web site.  Archie emphasised once again that it is very pleasing and encouraging for Judith and himself to see the progress of HKSSIP in such a short period of time.  He encouraged partners to move forward on a one-to-one basis to further foster the cultural and language links.



21 October (confined to my room by the typhoon signal 8 Black!)   

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