HKSSIP: Note of meeting of Scottish partners on 20 June at 12A

Present: recipients of the email apart from Margaret-Anne who sent her apologies. Archie in the Chair

The H K ‘story’ and web site
  1. Great praise for the superb presentation of the outcomes of the exchange week. All welcomed the web site and congratulated Lancy and her LTPSS team in setting such a high standard. It was agreed that Lancy and her team should continue to refine the web site and set out procedural arrangements.  There should be one entry point to the web site via Lancy team.  Agreed that it would make sense to have links to the partner schools so that partner to partner activities could be displayed in (more) detail.

Action: Archie to invite the HK Planning Group (HKPG) – Lancy, Siu Ming and Florence – to consider best way forward for the web site and make recommendations

Exchange visit of Scottish leaders/teachers to HK
  1. Agreed a visit during week commencing 1st or 8th May, 2017 should be planned. Given that three of the Scottish partners are involved in the Swire Foundation initiative to establish ‘centres of excellence’ in Chinese language, agreed that it would be sensible to extend the HK visit to ‘mainland’ China by adding on two days or so at the end of the HK exchange. Scottish partners felt that their HK partners already enjoyed partnerships with Chinese schools so it would make sense to work with HK to set up visits to China schools – Shanghai regarded as favoured destination. Also agreed that the whole group should stay together for the China visit to focus on one city.

Action: Archie to place the suggestions before the HKPG

Exchange visits of student/pupils to Scotland and HK
  1. Suggested that Scottish students, drawn from S3/4, might visit HK in October 2017. Aim is to involve 4/5 students from each school plus one teacher per school. Agreed that for this overall partnership visit it would be best to accommodate the group in a hotel or hostel. Primary school student visits probably best planned via school to school partnership level (arrangements already in place for student exchanges between TTPS&KG and EA)

Action: Archie to discuss with HKPC, and also explore accommodation options.  Scottish partners asked to check that the timescale is OK for visit in October 2016.

  1. HK students to visit Scotland probably in June 2017, to be discussed with HK schools. Same arrangements as for (3) above.

Action: Archie to discuss with HKPG to agree best dates

Administration of visits
  1. It was suggested that the new Swire administrator based in EA would be well- placed to make block bookings for flights and travel generally.

Action: Swire schools

SCEN Key Dates
  1. Judith referred to important events: 2 December, 2016 5th SCEN China Youth Summit at Edinburgh Conference Centre; SCEN Advisory Council meeting and  SCEN Ambassadors  7 October, Glenalmond College with Lord Wilson present for this event; and SCEN Lecture 2016 with James Anderson, Baillie Gifford (date tbc)  Archie felt that HK partners might be interested in taking part in the China Youth Summit, agreed to follow up.
Next Meeting of Scottish Partners
  1. Probably late September and before Archie’s next visit to HK (tbc)

Archie at 21 June 2016

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